Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ana Malhoa

Ana Malhoa (b.1979) is a Portuguese singer and TV presenter.

Since her 4 year old that she expressed the desire to be a singer. Two years later she went on stage with her father, the singer José Malhoa and shortly Ana Malhoa released her first album, “Pai Amigo”.

At 8 years old she was invited to present “O Grande Pagode”, a television show dedicated to the children, that had great success at the time. Later, she released “Calças Rasgadas”, a solo album. At 15 years old, Ana was chosen to present a television program that would last six years, “Super Buéréré” also targeted to the children that became one of the most watched TV shows of all time and still remembered. One of the hits sung by Ana in the program was the classic “Começar no A”.

In 2007, Ana Malhoa was the cover of men’s magazine FHM and was one of the most sold ever. In 2009 was also the cover of Playboy magazine in Portugal. After some time of waiting, Ana Malhoa fans were presented with her new album “Caliente” in April 2011.

In 11 February 2013, Ana Malhoa released her Album “Azucar”. The single hit “Sube La Temperatura” was an immediate success.

Ana never met her biological mother, who died when she was only 4 months. Only at the age of 26 she first saw a picture of her. She was raised by her stepmother Rosa, who she considers her real mother. She is married to Jorge Moreira since 1998 and the couple have a daughter named India, born in 1999.


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