Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Iva Domingues

Iva Domingues (b.1976) is a radio and television presenter .

During her university course, Iva did a job at SIC Television. One day after taking the degree she is invited by José Alberto Carvalho to train in the channel during seven months. Then she was invited by Radio Commercial where she was with the program “Prova de Amor”.
Iva’s career on television began on TVI alongside Carlos Ribeiro, presenting the TV show “Cocktail Nacional” (2000-2003), at this time being treated as Iva Pamela. She hosted the interactive TV contest “Quem quer ganha” on TVI television, where competitors were subject to several games (2003-2008). She was then invited to co-host the reality show “A Bela e o Mestre”. Iva also presented the reality show “Novos Aventureiros” and exceptionally presented the EuroMillions draw. She was in the cover of the men's magazine GQ in August 2009.

Iva lived with the journalist Pedro Mourinho, with whom she has a daughter, Carolina, born in 2003. She has now a relationship with actor Angelo Rodrigues since December 2010


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