Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Maria João Bastos

Maria João Bastos (b.1975) is a Portuguese actress.

Maria João has already a 16-year career, with several Brazilian productions, becoming an actress known in Brazil. She is graduated in Communication Sciences at Universidade Independente de Lisboa. She attended an English course in England (1993), a course of Casting, Video and Model at Visual LX (1994) and a course of Theater, Film and Television in New York (2000).

In 2007, Maria João Bastos signed an exclusive contract with the Portuguese TV channel TVI. She is the brand ambassador for Jaguar cars and represents the Italian brand "Furla" in Portugal .

Her characterLiliane Marise”, in the TV Series “Destinos Cruzados”, was so popular, that she launched a music album that reached the No. 1 on top Portugal.


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