Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Benedita Pereira

Benedita Pereira (b.1895) is an award winning actress, achieving major stardom in her native Portugal by the time she was 18. Born into a close-knit family of travelers, a civil engineer father and mother who elected to stay home and raise her 3 children in their native Porto, Benedita decided she was going to be an actor at age 8. As a youth, she performed at Porto's National Theatre and landed a few minor television roles. In high school, she was scouted by a modeling agency and worked in runway, catalog and editorial, saving a large part of her earnings for her future.

While finishing her high school exams, Benedita landed her first major TV role: a lead in Portugal's first teen-targeted series on TVI, the country's major network. The show proved an immediate success and catapulted Benedita to 'instant stardom'.

Over the next five years, her success in her home country continued to grow with offer after offer arriving for starring roles in numerous TV series and prestigious stage productions. Despite this success, she longed for more growth as an actor and decided to learn to act in her fluently and articulately spoken 2nd language, English (unaccented). She moved to New York and resumed her training, attending the Lee Strasberg Institute. Her instincts in accepting the role were on target, as her portrayal of a young woman masquerading as a man in "Ele é Ela", earned her a trophy for Best Actress at the 2010 Portugal TV Awards.


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